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Repairs, Tie Ins, and Flanges

PCCP (Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe) / Shotcoat Pipe

Boiler Steam Pipe

Gas Mains

Water Mains

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D 1.1 Unlimited Certification


PCCP Precedures

What we do:

We provide the flange, spools, custom adapters, wrappers, corrosion protection and mortar as needed for the job. We’ve created a durable process for working with PCCP for a long service life, no leaks and no surprises. When we are finished all you have to do is bolt on your fittings, possibly pour a thrust block and fill in the hole.

What we need from you:

Information on the pipe diameters,service tie-ins, flange sizes, location, timeframe, etc. A large dry hole (if working underground) with at least 24″ of head room underneath and around the pipe. Shoring if needed. Pipe drained, unless it’s a live tap.

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