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My name is Wade Lake; I’m the founder of The Fire Kettle. I was born on the 4th of July and I love the principles of freedom and independence, firecrackers and a good fire.   

I grew up in my dad’s welding shop and enjoyed watching him be able to fix anything.  I faked sick many times so I could stay home from school and really learn something in my dad’s welding shop. I have been welding ever since!

I remember one day that I didn’t have to fake sick, I was about 13. Dad pulled me out of school to help him on a 18″ PCCP line up in the mountains. It was a 500 foot run on a 45 degree slope and someone had dropped a 12″ bucket down in the pipe.  I was just the right size to fit inside that pipe and be dangled from my ankles by a rope.  They lowered me down inside the pipe.  About 300 feet in I was able to get a hold of the bucket.  They drug out a muddy scraped up kid holding a bucket and he had a grin from  ear to ear and felt like the hero of the day.  Things were a little different back then but I’ve been in love with this work ever since.  

We do things a little differently now but still enjoy the challenge.  We don’t  dangle our guys from their ankles by a rope but we still do some things the old fashioned way. . . we build things right the first time, our repairs last and our work is solid.  

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